About the Sinkland Farms Pumpkin Festival!

“My family and I (wife and 2 kids–6yr and 3yr) had a wonderful time. Friendly people working, great atmosphere, and plenty of fun activities to keep both us and the kids occupied and happy.”


“Our family had a great time opening weekend at the pumpkin farm! My son (2) really enjoyed his tractor ride, pony ride, and petting zoo!!! Of course…”


“Love this place, thinking of having my wedding here!!”


“I don’t think you realize what you provide to the community. Even though we live in Blacksburg, a rural area, my children would never have seen nor experienced a farm and what a real turkey looks and sounds like, what the difference is between a goat and sheep, the many varieties of chickens….except from TV or a story book. Thank you Sinkland Farms!”


“Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your farm, we’ve enjoyed all the entertainment and activities. It’s a wonderful place for family fun.”

Woodchuck Woodcarvings

“Wow! I have been coming to Sinkland Farms for about 5 years now and it gets better and better every year!!! We took 5 pumpkins home this year to carve,…”


“Thank you so much, Sinkland Farms, for opening your farm and providing our family with an afternoon full of entertaining fun. The children had a fabulous time as always and my husband and I so enjoyed all the musical entertainment and wine tasting. You certainly have something for every age to enjoy–quite a unique accomplishment.”


“We had a blast and always do…thanks for all you do for the community! No matter what time of year, every time we drive by the farm, my children ask if it is “pumpkin time.”



“My wife, Zachary, and I all had a great time at the festival today! This was our first visit and we’ll definitely be coming back again.”


“Fun, beautiful and memorable!”


“THE BEST PUMPKIN FESTIVAL EVER… Sinkland Farms is the granddaddy of them all! I tell everyone I know to attend!”


“We are so glad you offer safe pony rides and pony cart rides. The variety of your features never ceases to amaze us. Your farm is beautiful and beautifully maintained. You are the best!”


“Kettle Korn, all the home made food (I loved the spicy chili!), entertainment, activities, great music, wine tasting and the absolutely gorgeous farm setting. It takes me back to growing up on a farm, something I cherish deeply. We loved our Sunday afternoon at Sinkland Farms and will plan to make this an annual event for our family.”


“We drive all the way from Abingdon to attend every year! This is the best family festival ever. I especially love the musicians and my husband is keen to see the dance exhibitions (of course)!!! We’ll be back next year.”




“Great people and so much to do. There is fun for everyone, adults, kids…. It’s the best Pumpkin Festival around!”


“We had so much fun out at the pumpkin festival! The farm looks amazing, the music was awesome and the kettle corn was so good. It was definitely…”


“Not just a playground for kids… I don’t know where else you can go in our area and find something for EVERY age to enjoy at such a reasonable price. There are always new things to see and enjoy. We look forward to coming each year.”