Florals by Sinkland Farms

Flowers are a key element of weddings, and they help set weddings apart from any other type of party. Flowers can often be one of the more expensive elements of the wedding. Sinkland Farms strives to provide beauty and unique arrangements at an economical cost.

There are many different styles of wedding flowers and designs: tightly compacted, open garden arrangements, use of fresh herbs, grasses, ivy. You can mix and match styles or add something surprising like fruits or other nontraditional elements (Hello Pumpkin!) to turn a traditional flower arrangement into something spectacular and unique.

Our floral design team takes care of all aspects of floral design, from bouquets and boutonnieres to table, buffet, bar centerpieces and ceremony arrangements. Please provide us with visual cues and pictures to assist us to understand your unique style.

Please give us an opportunity to provide a quote for your special day. Complete our online questionnaire and we will provide a custom quote with pricing and design suggestions.

Florals by Sinkland Farms

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